Our Church Covenant

We, the members of this church, through the grace of God, humbly and solemnly undertake with God’s aid:
To attend the worship and services of this church regularly, using them for the edification of our souls;
To contribute according to our ability, to the financial support of the work of this church and its various beneficences (benevolences);
To aid and assist prayerfully, loyally, and affectionately, the minister and those who work with the minister in the witness of this church;
To maintain, in all our relations with our fellow members, an attitude of spiritual integrity, sympathy, and love;
To cooperate with interest and earnestness in the redemptive, missionary, and social tasks of the Kingdom of God;
To cultivate by prayer and meditation a life of devotion and consecration to God and to our Savior, Jesus Christ;
To aspire, in our private lives, to character and conduct that shall be approved by God and our consciences;
To order the life in our homes so that they may be truly Christian and dwelling places of God;
To bear ourselves in our social and business inter-relationships in accordance with the principles of Jesus Christ.
We enter this covenant inspired by devoted love to Christ who gave himself for our salvation. We seek that communion of our spirits with Christ, so graciously bestowed on us. We desire to serve God and those who are the work of God’s hand. We pray for Divine guidance and help in this our earnest endeavor.