Christian Education

Charlotte Paro
Cheryl Sayer
Bette Kennedy
Alexis Gleeson
Sunday School Quarterly Report

Our Sunday school resumed on September 13th. We had a new look, new curriculum, and lots of enthusiasm. Our little children returned with so much joy and happiness it was contagious! We are using our Sharefaith lessons and the children love the videos and lessons. The children finish the lessons and work on crafts when they go back downstairs. We get together at 9:30 for our joyful music led by Phyllis and every week she surprises the children with something new. We continue to make changes and improvements as the weeks go by. We are so blessed with our mothers and grandmothers willing to work together to bring the word of the Lord to our children.

Our goal for this year is to make sure each child feels special, unique and loved. Check out our bulletin board which visualizes this for the children.  We are working on outreach this year by supporting Toys for Tots and local food pantries. The children have been asked to bring a food item or toy to Sunday school with them. A box is downstairs for anyone who wishes to donate.

We have a Halloween party planned for October 31st; a “decorate the church” party the day of the Christmas parade and of course our Christmas pageant. Stay tuned for upcoming events and please join us in the fun!

Adult Sunday School
Our Adult Sunday School class meets each Sunday morning at 9:30 am in the office area (upstairs behind the sanctuary). The class,studies The Wired Word, a curriculum designed to “Confront the news with Scripture and Hope.” All adults are welcome. One does not need to be familiar with the Bible in order to fully participate. Come join this lively group of Christ-followers!