11/15/15 Sermon & Reflection Question

How can the rich fool in Luke 12.13-21 be like a pastor and her lust for cream donuts? No, this is not the reflection question. This Sunday’s sermon was about how to be free from the uncertainty of riches. Pastor Lynn describes her own metaphor for Jesus’ teaching on stewardship and giving,
Below is a recording of the sermon and its graphics followed by a question for you to ponder this week. Don’t forget to check out this week’s short Bible Study #4 in preparation for this coming Sunday’s message. You will find it on the Blog here as well. May God bless you and prosper you as you put what God has spoken to you about through God’s Word into action!
To view the short introductory video as referenced in the sermon, click here.

What am I grasping so tightly that is keeping me from taking hold of the life that really is life?

111515 Free from the Uncertainty of Riches